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  • 24 07月 2019

    Custom-made plastic bags are more reassuring when choosing environm...

    I don't know when plastic bags have become the necessities of people's life. Although there are also paper bags and cloth bags, the use of plastic bags is still very large. Because plastic bags are cheap and easy to carry, they have become a popular commodity, whether to go shopping malls or at h...

  • 24 07月 2019

    The Use of Customized Plastic Bags in Industry and Agriculture

    First, custom plastic bags can be used for packaging industrial and agricultural products. Due to the problem of product resources and prices, tens of billions of plastic bags are used for industrial products packaging every year in our country. With the development and application of flexible pl...

  • 24 07月 2019

    Food Packaging Bag Production Technology Continuously Moves to Matu...

    Vacuum food packaging bag production customization is an important product in the domestic composite packaging industry. Only if we have a good grasp of the development trend of food packaging bags can we create products that meet the needs of the international market.

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