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Weihai Woda New Material Co., ltd
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Weihai Haodong Packaging Co., Ltd. is a modern plastic packaging manufacturer specializing in soft packaging design, research and development, production, sales and service.


We are the manufacturer of plastic packaging bag and roll stock.


Over 18 years experience in plastic packaging field


Advanced equipments of printing laminating and bag making

Service Team

We have a high quality service team with full exporting experience

Design team

Professional designer team to provide free design

Product customization

Customized specification according to your product.Gravure printing up to 10 colors.
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We has successively introduced domestic advanced nine-color, ten-color gravure printing press, film blowing machine, composite machine, high-quality inspection machine, folding machine, slitting machine, high-speed multi-functional bag making machine and other mechanical equipment.
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With our love for packaging and printing, our adherence to quality and the improvement of technology, we have created a self-owned brand "Voda New Material" with household receipts as the main products. We can bring fresh-keeping methods such as self-sealing bags and freezing bags to us in the new era and open a good home experience.
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Weihai Woda New Material Co., ltd is a professional plastic packaging company with more than 17 years experience from 2001. We are located in Weihai, Shandong Province, China.
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Every product from raw material procurement, printing, bagging, inspection, packaging to delivery, every link of service is meticulous.
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